Electronics Production Technician at SST Wireless

SST Wireless

Electronics Production Technician

Full-Time in Richmond, CA - Associate

Electronics Production Technician


Interested in the wireless electronic sector of tech or the Industrial Internet of Things? We’re looking for the next member of our successful Electronics Production team to help produce our wireless tech products while thriving in our small, all-hands-on-deck startup environment in our Richmond office. You must currently be eligible to work in Canada and may be required to travel.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • Generous salary, flexible hours, full extended health plan, and employee stock options to show you we care.
  • Variety on the job and a manager who trusts you to independently succeed
  • Opportunity to travel to fun places

Why We Would Choose You

  • Hard Skills
    • Extensive experience with hands-on electronic hardware fabrication and printed circuit board assembly, including soldering and power tools.
    • Degree in Electrical Engineering or Technician Diploma or Certificate preferred.
    • Demonstrated understanding of mechanical, electrical, and computer systems.
    • Strong computer skills and basic programming knowledge.
    • Experience writing and reading documentation of various processes.
    • Bonus points if you have background or experience building products for industrial markets, industrial automation, instrumentation, equipment condition monitoring, or similar.
  • Soft Skills
    • Excellent written and oral English language skills
    • Autonomy, proactivity, and initiative to solve problems without oversight.
    • Positive attitude and team-mindset -- you really care about the people you work with
    • Entrepreneurial spirit or “owner’s mentality” - you’re always the first to offer a hand to help, no matter the task

What You Would Do Daily

  • Hands-on assembly of electronic products, including soldering, testing, troubleshooting, and validating the components, such as PCBs.
  • Reading and writing technical documents for various processes and instructions.
  • Meet delivery expectations and project milestones.

Why We’re Looking Now

  • We’ve become a standard in the Tire Pressure Monitoring industry, so we’re an established player with a growing list of global customers and partners.
  • We’ve invested heavily over the past few years to develop and commercialize new Industrial IoT wireless sensors, gateways and services for equipment condition monitoring, found new product market fits with compelling use cases, and need to increase our manufacturing to meet demand.